All about Djinns/Genies

This post is all about MY OWN OPINIONS on Djinns and Genies. Again, do your own research as this blog post is all about my own experiences and opinions on them. 

- This is important, I will email you a invocation spell that MUST be done when you get your djinn. This spell tells your djinn you are their new owner. So if you did not get this invocation spell from me. Please message me as this must be done in order for them to know you’re their new owner. 

1) Djinns to me are not the devil or evil. 

2) To me they are known to grant many and any wishes. 

3) NO... I DO NOT SELL MY SOUL in return for wishes. 

4) I only work with 2 category of Djinns. The first and most powerful are Marids and the second is Ifrit. I DO NOT SELL or work with any others. 

5) They are NOT SPIRITS, they are ENTITIES. 

6) Bonding with them is A MUST before asking for wishes, and they require harsher offerings. Such as liquor, cigars, cigarettes and so forth.  

7) It can take up to a year for a Djinn to trust you, so have patience and talk and bond with them. 

8) You MUST talk to them everyday, this is a must for them to trust you and continue to trust you in order to grant wishes. 

9) They can come show themselves in MANY FORMS. 

10) Your wishes MUST BE REALISTIC. For example: I wish to win the power ball lottery.. IS NOT. BE REALISTIC!

11) How do you know if your djinn and you are bonded? Ask for a specific small wish and see if it comes true first. If not, you two are not bonded yet, and more work will be required. 

12) Be VERY SPECIFIC with your wishes. 

13) They are one of the MOST POWERFUL entities, which is why they require a lot of bonding to trust. 

14) Yes, once bonded Djinns are one of the most fierce and loyal PROTECTORS. 

15) To me out of all the entities they are the BEST but HARDEST to work with.