First time Adopters Please READ!

I am very excited to welcome you to my website, but most of all I am so excited for your journey on spirit keeping. I understand your first spirit can be a little nervous as you have no idea what to expect and want to make sure you do your best to welcome your new spirit into your home! So below I have listed out some steps and hopefully this will help you out! 

1) When you get your spirit, it is very important to light a candle or incense (any scents besides sage) and welcome your spirit to their new home. This is very simple, light the candle/incense and say out loud, " Hi I welcome you to your new home, please feel free to go out of your vessel and come back as you please! I want you to be as comfortable here as possible. " Or you can tweak it which ever way fits your needs. 

2) MAKE SURE TO SET RULES!! Be firm with this as your spirit needs to know the rules of their new house. For example, if you do not want a spirit to wake you up in the middle of the night, say so. If you do not want them to open up your cabinets.. say so! This varies from each adopter as everyone has their own set of rules. 

3) Bonding and leaving offerings for your spirits. This is VERY VERY important, in order for spirits to help us, they must feel they are being appreciated and welcomed. This means you must spend a lot of time bonding with your spirit. This can be from talking to them often (everyday), taking them with you to places, sharing your secrets with them, or just talking about your day to them! This does not mean you have to speak with them on a divination tool each time you speak to them, you can talk to them OUT LOUD in the air and they will hear you. Some are telepathic and will hear you talking to them in your mind ;)! You also need to give them offerings! This can be from candies, crystals, baked goods, pretty much anything can be an offering to them, even lighting a candle or incense can be one. If you are leaving out food for offerings, make sure it is for at least 24 hours or until it goes bad and you can throw it away! 


I want to be clear on something, spirits are NOT here to perform for us. The amount of time and effort you put into your spirits will determine on how much activities they will show you.