How I got started?

Paranormal activity has been in my life from a young age. I remember being able to see spirits at age 6. My parents were quick to dismiss this so I have always ignored these spirits. As I became in my teens the spirits would be around more and more, this is when I decided to start working with spirits and it has been the best decision of my life. My husband and I have traveled the world for the past 26 years to find spirited items. We now have thousands of spirited items and still growing! Sadly I do not have enough time to work with all my spirits and plan on rehoming them being each one requires attention. All my spirited items do got rehomed until I spend months working with them to know they are good spirits and ready to move on. There are some spirits that are demonic that will be released occasionally that stay in our shed outside (being I do not allow them in the house). If you have any questions on any of my spirits PLEASE ask me before adopting. Some vary in activity and I will be sure to state this in my description. Please look around my shop and enjoy!