Types of Spirits and Entities!

Adopters if you are confused on what type of spirits and entities to look for, please see the list below! :)

Types of Spirits:

1) Psychics- This is a spirit who can tell your future.

2) Witches- There are 2 kind of witches, one who can do white magic and one who can do dark magic. There are some witches who can do both. (There are different types of witches, such as electric and so forth) What is the difference between white and black magic you ask? If it is not a spell relating to self love, prosperity, or protection, it is most likely black magic. 

3) Manipulators- This is a spirit who can manipulate energy for things to go your way. 

4) Protectors - This is a spirit who can protect you from physically and spiritual harm. 

5) All around spirit- I usually use this term when a spirit has more then one gift! For example: the spirit is a psychic and a witch. 

6) Third eye openers- This is a spirit who helps open your 3rd eye, so you can have an easier time to communicate with the other side. 

7) Mediums- This is a spirit who helps you connect to the other side and bring messages forward from those who have passed. 

8) Triggers- This is a spirit who can help other spirits come forward or ones who are not very forthcoming or might go dormant. 

9) Companions- This is a spirit who just wants to be your friend and likes to keep you company. 

10) Travels- This is a term I use when I describe a vessel. The vessel is small enough to carry and travel with you. This is NOT A SPIRIT. 

11) Money/Luck - This is a spirit who can help bring forth money or change your luck. 

12) Love spirits - This spirit is to help you with anything related to love. For example: Self love, bring in a new lover into your life, or help a current relationship you are in. These spirits do not necessarily need to be helping out in a romantic way. They can help bring in healthy friends and family relationships as well.  

13) Revenge/Hex spirits - This is a spirit who would do revenge on someone who has done you wrong. 

14) Motivational- This is a spirit who would give you that extra boost to motivate you to things everyday. 

15) Energy givers- This is a spirit who gives you more energy when you are feeling drained and down. 

16) Demons - This is a spirit who just wants to create havoc and chaos in your life. I DO NOT INVESTIGATE or WORK with negative or demonic spirits. They are not here to be your friend. So I always say, adopt at your own risk.   

17) Infant/Toddlers/Children- This category is one I always tell my adopters to have a lot of time to spend with these spirits, as they need a lot of tender, love and care. 

18) Telepathic - This is a spirit who can read your mind and others. 

19) Anxiety/ Depression- This is a spirit who can help assist you in dealing with anxiety and depression. 

Different types of Entities: (Which means they are not spirits and they are in a different realm than spirits)  

1) Angels - These are angelic beings ( You do not communicate with angels on OUIJA) They are protectors, guidance, and much more! 

2) Fairies- This is a magical realm in which I do not work with. But they are known to be amazing entities and magical. 

3) Djinns- DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH ON THIS ONE. In my opinion they are the best entities to work with. They are in a sense a genie, once bonded they are known to grant almost any wish.